FEAST OF FOOLS and other tales 
OUT NOW! The fifth Innsmouth Gold anthology contains
11 sizzling new Sword & Sorcery stories from the mighty pens
of the Innsmouth Writing Circle.
Lucky thieves, temple raiders, bold swordswomen, avenging barbarians and more!
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This book gathers together a collection of twelve essays from the first year or so of Innsmouth News (the in-house fanzine of the Innsmouth Book Club podcast).The essays, all written by Robert Poyton, cover a wide range of topics. From Lovecraftian sites in the UK, to the Roots of Cthulhu.  From Tolkien's use of class, to screen depictions of Robert E Howard's Conan the Barbarian. All rounded off by a guide to Lovecraft's Providence, and an essay from the Old Gent himself on writing weird fiction.
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We currently put out two fortnightly podcasts.
The Innsmouth Book Club, a tour of Innsmouth's cultural highlights, featuring discussion on Lovecraft-related literature, film, TV, gaming, etc.  Guest interviews, plus panel specials on specific topics.
Strange Shadows focuses on the weird fiction of Clark Ashton Smith.  Using the Night Shade Book five volume series as a guide, we journey through Smith's tales in chronological order. 
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